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Bret and Tim are everyday guys – fun, adventurous, charismatic, and highly curious. Bret is the consummate traveler and knows how to travel light. He’s a creative gadget-/gearhead and filmmaker who has lived all over the world. Tim is a creative writer, marketing/advertising professional, and also seasoned traveler. Between them, they’ve lived in or traveled to more than 45 countries throughout the world. Together, they combine their complimentary creative skills and love of travel to form a most unholy union: Jack Will Travel Productions.

In the summer of 2007, “The Bretster” and “Timbo” gave Jack Will Travel – Europe a road test. They journeyed through France on foot following one of Europe’s greatest kept secrets: the Grande Randonnée trail system. All the while, they kept it on the cheap – camping in vineyards, French G─ętes, or in the backyards of friends they’d just met. Their goal was to see the country through the eyes and ears of their new local friends. While occasionally they misread their map and veered a mile or two off course, they were always sharing what they learned, meeting new people, and practicing the fine art of smart travel.


Jack Will Travel – Europe is an on-the-fly educational, inspirational, and entertaining Internet travel series that portrays the experience of travel and offers consumers an interactive opportunity to follow, communicate with, and direct the production and adventure in real time. The multi-media Webisode series features video, photography, blogs, and podcasts, and is supported by online channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, and various blogging sites. The result is a season’s worth of engaging, entertaining, memorable, and original content, produced in episodes running from two to 10 minutes each. Each episode not only weaves a narrative of life, cheap travel, creativity, and art, but also:

  • Demonstrates that despite the falling dollar, affordable European travel is still possible
  • Inspires people to create adventures, explore the world, and to recognize and embrace travel
  • Teaches people about art, travel tips, culture, and how to do a travel show on-the-fly


Traditional print advertising is falling by the wayside. Advertisers are actively seeking new ways to not only extend their reach online, but to be associated with something cool, new, hip, viral, and creative.



Jack Will Travel Productions offers traditional and progressive brands/advertisers a turnkey solution to extend its online reach to Generation X and Y consumers. Possible brand tie-ins could include lifestyle and apparel, energy bars and drinks, travel and adventure, electronics (GPS, Apple computers since we use all Apple gear and software), and country offices of tourism. We also offer advertisers an opportunity to be part of a new category in travel: creative-connected travel – turning the experience of adventure and travel into a story, in real time. Benefits include:


  • Brand exposure in an authentic way = drives connection
  • Compelling use of products and/or sponsorship = drives demand
  • Community of people = creates loyalty and engagement
  • Platform for ongoing connection = creates opportunities for promotions, new products, etc.


Tim Shields

Seattle, WA