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What is Jack Will Travel?

Jack Will Travel – Europe is an educational, inspirational, and entertaining reality travel/adventureWeb series.The production marries travel and technology to offer its viewers an interactive opportunity to follow, communicate with, and direct the adventure in real time.

The multi-media Webisode series features video, photography, blogs, and podcasts, and is supported by online channels such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, The result is a season’s worth of engaging, entertaining, memorable, and original content, produced in episodes running up to 10 minutes each. Each episode weaves a narrative of life, cheap travel, creativity, and art.

Mission Statement

Jack Will Travel Productions is committed to bringing audiences educational, cultural, and uncommon productions in a humorous, engaging, and original style. It is the goal of Jack Will Travel Productions to inspire people to create adventures and explore the world, and to recognize and embrace creative travel when life throws the opportunity in your lap.

Addendum to the Mission Statement

Along the way, we aim to teach our viewers what we’ve learned about the fine art of travel, from packing tricks, to public transportation tips, to how to get the most distance out of your money.