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Stream or download the latest Podcast: 'Stolen Cars and Lost Time – Episode 1'

Necessity is the mother of invention. When our two intrepid, seasoned travelers lost several cameras on their trip through Spain, the Jack Will Travel Podcast was born.

In this baseline experiment called Episode 1, Bret and Tim work out the kinks of this new endeavor, catch up on lost time since they last saw each other, discuss new music and technology, and uncover the truth about Tim’s stolen car. We guarantee you’ll learn almost nothing!

Read the IM conversation here as Tim unveils the truth about his car for the first time to his friend. Also see Bret’s sporty Deadliest Catch outfit he wore in the mountains of Spain.


The Deadliest Catch featuring Jack Will Travel, now on the Discovery Channel. In this episode, fishing for Alaskan Salmon in the interior of Spain.

Stolen Cars and Lost Time – Episode 1

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