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Scaling Fences (or) Trucks on a Highway Part II - Listen to the Podcast

What is the sound of two American gentleman talking politics and world events beside a Spanish highway? Click on the podcast below to find out.

Note: Let it be known that the creative team that comprises Jack Will Travel is more than willing to sacrifice their bodies for their art. This podcast was recorded right outside the gates of Banares Camping outside of Santo Domingo, and in fact, we got locked out of the campsite and had to illegally climb over a very high fence with pointy ends to re-enter. Just another smooth move by Jack Will Travel.

Listen to the Podcast


Game On (in 4 parts)

Last we checked in, it appeared Jack Will Travel had disbanded and gone their seperate ways. What will become of their fate? Well, there's only one way to find out.

Read what happened the day after Tim went west and Bret went south on Buzz Management.


Trucks on a Highway - Podcast

Hear Jack Will Travel discuss the finer points of camping next to a highway in Spain. 

Listen to the Podcast


Jack Will Travel Parts Ways Outside Azofra - End of Story?

Find out what made Jack Will Travel part ways half way through the adventure and have a look into the linear westward dedication of the pilgrims who follow The Way of Saint James.

Read the whole story on the Buzz Management blog.


La Fiesta in the town of Najera - La Rioja, Spain

Jack stumbles upon a festival for the feast of Saint Peter - or maybe it was Paul. The Spanish will look for any excuse to party.